A Celebration of Friends

My friends,

A Celebration of Friends exists to enrich the lives of our community and no matter what you’re experiencing right now, it’s still a wonderful time to be alive!

This is the time for us to reach out to each other as family and friends, and as mature men.**

How are you doing out there in the world? How are you enduring your isolation during this pandemic?

Hey Sailor, would you like some company?


Every Saturday from 11:00AM - 12PM EST, we are hosting a weekly Klassic Coffee Klatch in a virtual mode. As previously, it will be a reocurring Saturday morning event.

Who's Invited To Join?

Everyone’s invited! No limits on destination or friends; as long as you’re qualified to come to a Celebration of Friends Meeting as a mature man or an admirer over the age of 21 and someone who enjoys our company. If you fit that mark, feel free to join into the conversation.

Regardless of whether you’ve ever been to a Celebration before, you now have an opportunity to meet and safely visit with other men who would enjoy your company.

Another thing, with a zoom meeting, as long as you already have a computer or smart phone, you have nothing else to buy and your only investment is your time. Double click on the invitational link I send you and fill out the form where directed. Then, you’ll be ready to arrive at our Celebratory ACOF Klassic Coffee Klatch.


Generally there is no set topics, or as with any gathering of beautiful men, the subject will just present itself.
Our only rule is to enjoy the camaraderie and have fun, meet some great people and behave as if you are in public! Offensive nudity, language or actions will not be tolerated.

We can also discuss what is happening with the A Celebration of Friends organization and because your opinion matters, I'll often seek the groups' advice.

So, now that I’ve gotten you primed up and ready to safely meet with some really great men; there's only one detail left: How do I register for the Virtual Meeting?

  • 1 Email "" with your name and location, stating you agree to our rules and would like to join the virtual ACOF Klassic Coffee Klatch. Be Patient.
  • 2 You will receive an email with a link and instructions on how to join. (Remember, there's no investment on your part, just a little time.) . . .also, be patient with your host, this is my virginal, virtual Klassic Coffee Klatch.

Let’s all have a great time.

Looking forward to seeing and talking to you this Saturday,

Tom (Tomcat) Pence
President, A Celebration of Friends, Inc.

We’re on the run gonna have some fun!!!!
We’re on the run gonna have some fun!!!!

A Celebration of Friends, Inc. is a 501(C)4 non-profit dedicated to enriching the community of the mature man.

We’re Heading for Key West, the Key to Happiness!!!!!
We’re Heading for Key West, the Key to Happiness!!!!!

MISSION STATEMENT: The A Celebration of Friends mission is to provide warm, comfortable, safe and engaging celebrations recognizing and promoting self-worth, dignity, kindness and friendships of and within our senior population.

A Celebration of Friends, Inc. has been a social welfare organization under code Section 501(c)4 of the Internal Revenue Code, since March 18th, 2003 and has since raised over $240,000 for local charities” to the Celebration Registration page.