FAQ A: This is a step by step guide on how to register on the website and then subscribe to the Celebration.

  • 1 On the home page, click on the box with the title "On-line Registration." You will be directed to a site with a blank form. This is the website registration. Fill out this form to register for the A Celebration of Friends. (All information is strictly confidential.)
  • 2 Once the form is completely filled out hit the "Submit" button to pay your registration fee though PayPal.
  • 3 Upon successful registration, you will be taken to a page where the first line of text should be "Success" followed by "Hey there, YOUR NAME!" (Where "your name" is the first Name and Last Name provided in the registration form.) Seeing this page is indicative that you are registered on the website.
  • 4 Once payment is complete, you are both registered on the website and registered for the Celebration.
  • 5 Hotel information will be included in your conformation email.