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MISSION STATEMENT: A Celebration of Friends' mission is to provide warm, comfortable, safe, and engaging gatherings recognizing and promoting self-worth, dignity, kindness, and friendships of and within our senior population.

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We are currently looking for sponsors to help us reach our objectives for this upcoming event.

  • 1. The ACOF is a non-profit 501(c)4 corporation whose main objective is to provide a safe environment to the senior gay community. We are proud of our accomplishments.
  • 2. In 15 years, we have brought thousands of men together and raised over $200,000 for various local charities.
  • 3. In 2015, ACOF had the group’s #1 most admired man, actor Ed Asner attend our ‘Celebration’ and host a Question and Answer session for our guests.
  • 4. In 2016, former congressman Barney Frank with husband Jim Ready, graciously attended our Celebration and spoke of his ‘coming out’ while the congressman and answered all questions.
  • 5. A Celebration of Friends will review all ad content and may reject inappropriate or unqualified submissions at their sole discretion.